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Company Profile

The company "FLANTZOTECHNIKI" was founded in 1984 in the area of New Ksyladika Thessaloniki operating in the design, manufacture and trading of all types of gaskets for cars and machinery.
The company, represents a wide range of leading factories manufacturing various gaskets and necessary spare parts, sealing of all types of engine and exhaust systems. For the adequate sealing of the engine, Flantzotechniki features high quality glues, representing leading foreign brands.

During the previous years the company as part of its effort to evolve, decided to extend further its product list, adding parts such as camshafts, hydraulic lifters and wiper blades.

In the manufacturing field the company has both the necessary mechanical equipment and the experienced, skilled staff for the production of gaskets based on specific requirements.

The main goal of the company is to supply its customers with high quality products.